Coca cola waterfall screenshot

The Coca-Cola Cascada installation is an interactive experience, the system developed is a real-time 3D generative display. By capturing visitor’s movements through infrared cameras, the custom software triggers new behaviours within the waterfall. more



Sound engine for new spatialization system. The technical features of the system open completely new possibilities and insight in composing with space and movement. more


Dlight during BKKC. Photo: Mike Harris

Dlight is a floating circle of light, moving rhythmically in space. Memories of the hectics of the day with vague and distinct echoes of sound fill the atmosphere. If you decide to enter the circle, you are carried along on a flow of light, and a silence falls. more


Screen shot 2011-01-10 at 8.31.32 PM

Sound engine for live performance, porting a hardware module to software. The main goal was to reverse engineer a Nord Modular G2 patch and recreate it using Max5. The focus was on capturing the sonic character of the original, while … more

Patch Instrument

Screen shot 2011-01-10 at 9.30.28 PM

An electronic musical instrument, developed for the pilot of “In de wacht”, a play by the Compost collective. The interface consists of a hardware patchbay similar to an old telephone patching interface, where the plugs are used to trigger various … more

Wishing You Well

Wishing You Well. Photo by Mike Harris.

With an architectural structure enclosing time, the stairwell with the shaft creates a frame for an image the transcends human scale in time and space. Using sound, colour, light and matter (water), a world is created in which time and space are not linear but relative. more



The aim of this project was to build an interactive therapeutic room for autistic children to stimulate them in various ways and help them break repetitive behavior. The room contains sensors, microphones and cameras to pick up any activity. The … more



An application for tracking and analyzing string instrument performance. The system uses a Vicon motion capture system to track markers placed on the instrument and the performer in 3D with high accuracy. more

My Fashion


A video synthesizer based on sequences of photographs. For fashion photographer Daisy Komen this software was developed to animate hundreds of photos using different patterns and algorithms synchronized to a soundtrack. The final installation used 4 large back-projected screens, each … more

NSys Modular


A modular approach to audiovisual composition. My goal was to develop a flexible framework for manipulating and combining audio and visual content interactively. The system was designed specifically to suit my personal needs. more