Code · Sound · Art
Sound Design

Most of my work is inherently motivated by my passion for sound. I am drawn to tone, texture and patterns more then I am to melody and harmony. I love sculpting sound and have a fondness for electronics and modular synthesis. For some projects I design and develop special composition techniques and sound processing algorithms.

Creative Coding

I love to bridge sound with visuals, data and interaction for installations and audiovisual composition. The tools I use naturally depend on the application. Max has been my main weapon of choice with more then 10 years experience patching and writing C/C++ extensions. Alternatively I  use development environments like Processing, OpenFrameworks and Cinder.

Web Development

Modern web clients have a lot of creative potential. In recent years I have worked as a full-stack Javascript developer, and I enjoy designing and coding for interactive applications and art using current technologies like Node, Angular and React.

I am available for work.