The Shreditor is an advanced software editor for the Shruthi-1 DIY synthesizer. Giving you complete overview and control over all parameters without having to touch the hardware. The application allows you to quickly navigate and edit existing patches, and even do advanced things like copy and pasting sounds between multiple devices.

The editor facilitates bidirectional communication with the device to keep all data synchronized. The internal eeprom of the device is mirrored in the software to minimize transport and allow for quick editing and backups. The software allows for multiple synthesizers to be edited simultaneously.

Feature Summary

  • Clear user friendly interface.
  • Control over every available parameter including matrix, sequencer and settings.
  • Bidirectional communication. Active update of patch and sequence data in the interface.
  • Edit up to 8 devices simultaneously.
  • Device data transfer and mirroring.
  • Copy and paste patches and sequences between devices.
  • Patch list for fast browsing and naming.
  • Import and export of backups and patches.


Since August 2016 the source code is available under MIT license.

The prebuilt binaries can be found here . The source code and documentation is available on GitHub. The user manual can be found here.

A lot of work went into the development of the Shreditor. I originally planned to release it as paid software, but considering the small community and the additional hassle of implementing a demo and copy-protection mechanism I decided to cut my losses and release it for free.

If you enjoy using this software a lot, please consider a donation.